Thursday, March 5, 2009

Artist Explosion

My Favourite Artist is Leonardo Da Vinci. I think he is cool because he invented cool things thin the pump, helicopter, and some sort of man-fitted Wing, and much more. He also painted the Mona Lisa, a famous painting. He was also the only person to be able to draw a perfect circle FREEHANDED!!!! Now THAT must be hard. Here are some Images of his work:
The Mona Lisa
A Self Portrait:
A Invention:
The Man

The Last Supper The Wing He Invented:

He Also Made Other Interesting paintings and robots. He invented motors, and with that he made a lion that could walk and open its stomach, a soldier that could walk and wave its sword, and others, all about 500 years ago. He was born on the 15th of April, 1452, and died on the 2nd of may, 1519.
He was the role model of many lives. I believe that others follow in his footsteps now, and many years later, too.

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  1. Well done lad. Keep up the good work. I love learning about Leonardo - he was so amazing!