Thursday, June 18, 2009

Footprints are the future!!

Our sustainability and Eco Living is what matters, not our happy massive Mansions and hot rods in the Giant garage, yet, this is what many wish for.
This style of living is reducing the planets resources WAY too fast, and this includes cars, which have a high carbon footprint. There is nothing funny or good about this, as WE ARE THE MURDERERS OF OUR OWN RACE!!!!!!!!! WE DEPEND ON OURSELVES!!! (and I don't mean as individuals, we are the human race, not some evil predators of earth, and no, we are not going to magically find a whole planet of resources, because that only in the movies.)

What I'm saying is, we are the only ones killing our planet, not the aliens. We are driving the car too much, putting money before life, and being far too selfish.
What we could do to help, is we could walk or bike to school, use Eco bulbs, and even catch the bus or share your car, only use showers, don't refill the bath all the time, use renewable power sources, and forget about the computer.
We are the people who started the age of our own doom, and we will make it end!!!

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